Posted on: September 23, 2008 10:23 pm

The logo shouldn't make you hate the player.

I suppose the reason why this has all the sudden become annoying to me is that after 3 years nothing has changed.  There is a growing contingent of fans who hate Sid, yet more often than not there really isn't much to say as to why.  Don't get me wrong there are plenty of Pens fans who give the same treatment to Ovechkin, but it doesn't make it any more understandable.  I try as hard as I possibly can to avoid holding the team a player plays for against them.  You will simply eliminate fantastic players to appreciate from the league, and in the end ruining your own experience. I'm not saying don't get upset when a player does something stupid, as Sid did in his rookie year by riding the refs.  However, at some point you are going to miss an opportunity to enjoy an all time great's career if you hold onto short lived issues players have.  So my message is that unless you hate a guy because he jumped someone from behind then punched him and rode him to the ice ruining his career, give the guy a break.  Also if you're a Pens fan and you think Alex is overrated, you really need to rethink your approach to him.  All he does is play hard, physical hockey with nothing but skill at the highest level we've seen in decades.  Imagine not being able to appreciate 93 if it happens during your lifetime, solely because the shooter is often times compared to your guy. 
Posted on: September 2, 2008 5:00 pm

Another season mired in the abyss for the Buccos.

Well as we draw in on another October we're left with another losing season.  The only consolation is that one more year of this and Pittsburgh takes another record from Philadelphia.  My beloved team that has been apart of this family for so many generations has stressed my loyalty to the brink.  From the first time my Grandfather was approached by scouts in the late 1910s to the last year I had season tickets before moving in 2006, I've been there.  It's not the lack of success, it's simply the acceptance of failure.  I don't know what more a fan can expect from an organization.  It truly is hard for me to accuse them of simply using my team as a cash cow, but what else am I to think with what they have presented.  I'll support them, how can I not, it is not the team, nor the coaches.  As my team enters their 138th season (123rd in the NL) I can only continue to hope for greater things, unfortunately hope may be all I have. 
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Posted on: August 28, 2008 7:12 pm

The Post-season has ended and so begins the pain.

As August begins each year I realize the one harsh reality in my life, I might be following too many sports.  English Premeir has just begun, with my Liverpool taking their first 2 matches (though one was just barely).  College football begins tonight and we're only one week away from the Pros joining them.  Gold Cups, Champions Leagues, World Cup Qualifiers and Level One leagues have all gone into full swing or just come to a close.  We're also less than a month away from the beginning of the NHL preseason and just a little over a month away from the European opener on October 4th in Prague and Stockholm.  Also looming on the horizon is the MLB Playoffs and once again my Pirates are playing more golf than baseball, however, my new "hometown" team the Diamondbacks find themselves being gifted the division lead.  All I know is that within 3 months I'll be following The Steelers, Penguins, Liverpool (EPL and Champions League) Pitt Football and Basketball, and if I must the Suns.  So until this marathon to get to February is over hopefully I can hold it together and stay sober enough to remember it. 

GO Stillers, Pens, PITT, Reds!!!!

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Posted on: February 24, 2008 8:31 pm

The Pens are doing the Gods of Hockey's work

We often see injuries to your main superstar as the end of times, and honestly I expected nothing productive out of the Pens when Sid went down.  However, this team showed me something I didn't think they truly had -- The ability to dig deep and pull together with the soldiers left and compete with any team.  They have been less than great at times, but overall most would agree that the team has played as well without several starters as they had with. 

Losing Fleury was perhaps devestating, though I'll admit I'm not his biggest fan, but Conklin with a chip on his shoulder came up and dazzled as he raced towards the head of the pack in Save%.  You rarely see this from unproven goalies and it is truly special when you do.  However, have we ever seen a goalie sustain this level of effort for such a long period of time?  Now some around the league are saying he's an MVP candidate, but I'll disagree for the time being until he's got a majority of the starts.  Gary Roberts, a guy with more determination on the ice than 80% of the guys half his age.  Though there is a definite chance that he'll be back this year, he was a great veteran voice in the lockerroom that has been missed.  Sid's injury has been done to death.  All I'll say about that is, sometimes you have to put a man under intense pressure to find out what he's made of, that is exactly what happened with Malkin.  He has performed spectacularly, like the MVP of the league.  He has made the past month a true treat for the Pittsburgh faithful.  

Some questions have definitely been raised over the last few weeks.  There have been some defense issues, and a few 2 or greater leads have been blown.  The recent blown 3-nil lead is a harrowing loss, however it was against top notch competition from Ottawa.  Playoffs are looking more and more certain each day, but you can never be certain of playoff performance until the Cup starts.  In the end, I've been greatly satisfied with the last 2 months of Pens hockey and so should you. 

Posted on: February 22, 2008 11:57 am

This Pittsburgher might surprise you.

I'll need to make this very clear, I love the Steelers, but I live, breathe and die Penguins.  I've seen them play in several cities over the past few years, and a swing through Western Canada was a dream come true.  Seeing my Pens play in Edmonton, Calgary and Vancouver over a 4 day span in some of the greatest hockey towns in North America.  I love my Pirates, however I am oft left with a feeling of wanting, 15 years is too long.  The Steelers are the town favorite I know, but I just can't look past the youngest of the Black and Gold. 

I live here in Phx and have learned 2 important details since moving here: The west coast barely concerns itself on most doing of sport (well here in Phx anyway) and that I'm a midwestern, not an east coaster (they're just crazy.)  I currently am a season ticket holder of the Penguins, Coyotes, and Diamondbacks (sorry Buccos). 

I beg of you to extend two courtesies to me.  First, that you not hold my homerism against me, I'll do my best to make it as mild as possible.  Secondly, forgive the angst towards the laissez-faire attitude of the locals here in Phoenix.  I kid you not, my Jack Wilson drives in 2 run with a double off the right field wall, I stand to high five my compatriots.  I heard from behind me two relevant remarks, the first "You'd think you were cheering on the Red Sox!" and my response "You'd think you were cheering on the Devil Rays." The second, "You know I couldn't see that play." 

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